Are you considering going native? Did you know that plants native to our region have many advantages over “traditional” exotic landscaping plants?

Many chaparral, oak woodland and desert communities of California natives actually require less water and maintenance. So you not only save on your water bills, but you save precious time spent pruning and mowing.

Another advantage to our natives is that are conditioned to grow in our native soil types. That means that many do not require special soil amendment beyond compost and actually prefer not to be fertilized. This translates into more money savings on materials and a safer, non-toxic environment for you, your pets and family.

Last but certainly not least, natives attract a wealth of butterflies, birds and beneficial insects (the good bugs that eat the unwanted bugs). It won’t be long before you notice that your native garden is teaming with earthworms and soil microbes which directly affect the health and happiness of your plants, and in turn attract a diverse ecosystem of wildlife.

So why not go native and create your own diverse ecosystem right at home?

You can see this garden and many others on the Going Native Garden Tour Sunday April 17th, 2011