When clients call me and tell me that they want to save water in their landscapes, one of the first things they always say is, “But I don’t like cactus!”
This always brings a smile to my face because there are so many ways to use water wisely in the landscape without turning to desert plants. Here are some beautiful examples of client gardens where we have used a successful combo of California natives and/or Mediterranean plants to achieve a site appropriate look.

Modern and Water Friendly

Julie Orr Design bunch grasses

Julie Orr Design drought tolerant plants Burbage 057

Lawn Free Yards

Julie Orr Design native garden
Cal Native Design by Julie Orr DesignJulie Orr Design No Lawn Front Yard Julie Orr Design front yard with tree houseJulie Orr Design front yard Petscaping with Charlie 149

Native Lawns (Drought tolerant after 1-2 years)

Julie Orr Design no mow lawnJulie Orr Design low mow lawn

Irrigated entirely by Rainwater and Graywater

Julie Orr Design and Terra Bella Rainwater and Graywater
For a look at some of our before and after pictures of our water saving projects click here.