Pronounced HEW-ker-ah, this great little plant with a common name of Coral Bells or Alum Root is excellent foliage plant for sun to part shade gardens. Got an oak tree? Try the native Heuchera maxima or H. micantha. Plant in mass groupings for an amazing effect.

The flowers are on the small side but that doesn’t stop the hummingbirds from enjoying the sprays of floral nectar in the spring or early summer. Flowers range in colors from pink, white and red tones.
Now let’s get to the real show stopper, the leaves! Most are heart shaped and come in a variety of colors that range from green, variegated silver, bright burgundy, chartreuse and even orange. Check out some of these colors here.
Low maintenance and low water needs? Yessiree! Keep mulched with wood chips year round and deadhead spent flowers and brown leaves as needed. Deep infrequent irrigation in well-drained soils is best. Occasionally inspect the crown of the plant for signs of ants or mealy bug. If not controlled, the plants will suffer. You got this!