Why do we recommend LED over low voltage lighting systems?

·       Its nontoxic compared to other Eco variety lighting
·      LED uses one forth amount of electric energy compared to low voltage lighting and provides the same amount of brightness
·      Lamps (light bulbs) last about last 30-35,000 hours, which is 7-15 times longer than halogen.
·      With new technology and competition in the LED market, prices have come down. It’s about  20% more to upgrade now where in the past it used to be double!

Why do I need lighting in my garden?

·       Safety- around steps, un even surfaces, level changes, one needs proper light to safely use the space
·       Beauty-Have beautiful art piece, old oak or maple tree? Accentuate the beauty with accent lights
·       Usability- Have outdoor rooms? Kitchen, BBQ, Pool? one needs suitable lighting in these area to enjoy the outdoors
·       Value- a well-lit landscape of a house,  will add to house’s property valve on the market
·       Security- Homes with lights on a timed system provide security against theft both when you are away and at home

What are different kinds of landscape lighting?

·       There are various kind of light fixtures like:  step lights, spot lights, up lights, downlights, tree mounted lights, path lights, post lights , and wall washers.
·       They come in several designs and sizes
·       They come in various wattage (energy used) and lumens (brightness)
·       They also come with variety of light including warm (most popular) to cool
·       Some fixtures can be replaced with appropriate lamp wattage, as a size of a  tree changes in few years and more light is needed

Why do I need a landscape designer?

When you decide to add lighting to your property, you will have questions:
·       How bright does it need to be?
·       How much energy will it use? What wattage should be enough?
·       Where do I place it?
·       How can I achieve the right effects with filters and beam spread?
The Julie Orr Design team collaborates with their clients and Vista Professional outdoor lighting to provide answers to all the above questions and more. As a result you will enjoy a beautifully lit garden that is customized for your space.