If you want to grow edibles, think outside your backyard. There may be a number of reasons why your backyard might not be the most suitable place to grow edibles including: poor soil quality, not enough space, or not enough hours of sunlight needed to grow most vegetables and fruit.
If done right, you can transform your front yard into a beautiful culinary garden. There are a number of advantages to using your front garden for food needs. For starters, your front yard becomes a usable space that encourages community interactions. Edibles are a great conversation piece for the people in your neighborhood. Who knows who you might meet or share a common interest by beautifully showing off what you are putting on your dinner table. It’s a priceless activity for children to see where their food comes and to have their own little patch in the yard.
If you have an existing lawn that you chose to replace with edibles, you’ll be adding more biodiversity by replacing your monoculture grass with plants that not only benefit you but the local pollinators. . Aside from adding visual interest to your front yard, it also clears up space in your backyard for other functions
Growing your own food is a rewarding experience, not only that but you know where your food comes from since you are the urban farmer.
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