Ct. Bluestone is a type of sandstone that is produced here in the northeastern US and is a great material to use for your landscape project because it has so many opportunities for varying applications.

It is available in both irregular flagstone and cut stone pavers (pavers vary in thickness from 1” to 1.5” as well as a number of rectangular shapes). As the name implies, Ct Bluestone has different values of blue that fall into three main categories: Full Range, True Blue, and Lilac. Full Range bluestone is blue with a range of earth color tones such as browns and gold, whereas True Blue bluestone strictly has varying hues of blue. The last color Lilac, is usually a special order as it has a lilac or lavender hue in the color of the stone which is not too common (but still looks great nonetheless).

As mentioned Ct. Bluestone has many application uses. It can be used for patios, landings, and pathways using either the irregular flagstone or cut stone pavers. If you decide to use the cut stone pavers you can create a number of patterns that range from Versailles (ashlar) to a running bond or grid, as the cut stone sizes are available from 12×12” up to 30×36” rectangles. Both stone types can also be individually set as stepping stones with gravel, groundcover, or mulch joints to give it added character.Ct. Bluestone can also be used for pool copings, step treads, and wall caps to give some contrast to an adjacent material. If you want to splurge a little bluestone can even be used to make stunning dry stack walls or elegant wall veneers. If you are planning on building an outdoor kitchen, bluestone can be a viable option for a counter material or it can be used as a cap on a custom fire pit to set drinks on.

Not to mention, bluestone is also great in many design styles from chic contemporary, rustic craftsman, or clean modern. It truly is a material worth checking out.