Woodland Garden – Los Gatos
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A perfect example of using artificial turf in a shady environment: it’s easy to maintain and great for a small child and family pet to play.
Adult Playground – Menlo Park
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There are various elements to entice you into this backyard. The raised patio and outdoor kitchen/bar area are showcased at a higher elevation and give interest to an otherwise flat lot. Other activities include practicing your putting in a small green or lounging around a fire pit on a brisk night.
Movement in Nature – Atherton
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The dichotomy of styles fuse together between the Ranch style home and the modern aesthetics of the homeowner. The traditional brick and stonework juxtaposed nicely with the contemporary native lawn and ornamental grasses. Strong focal points in the sculpture and fountain that are enhanced by the texture and movement of the grasses.
Fun Small Spaces – Menlo Park
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Here’s a  fun project where we created multiple outdoor rooms in a small space. An elevated concrete patio with a shade canopy protect those lounging and dining underneath during during all times of the day and night (cafe lights are strung underneath the canopy). A small fire pit and water feature area, allow guests to meander around the yard and enjoy different vantage points and comforts. Bold colors stand out in the plants, fabric and planter containers.