Common Ground Nursery put on another wonderful tour this year. It was enjoyable to spend time in these mouth-watering gardens and see the creativity that both the designers and homeowners put into their spaces. Some of the highlights included:

  • Vertical landscaping towers. I loved the succulents but you could also plant with strawberries
  • Art and water features.  What a great idea to repurpose an old box spring that acts as both a trellis and an eclectic art piece
  • Raised planter beds made from materials such as wood, stone and urbanite
  • Edibles surrounding pathways provide an element of surprise along the hardscape
  • Rainwater harvesting barrels to irrigate the  edible bounty
  • Pergolas and arbors that support peas, runner beans and tomatoes
  • Safe and effective ways to keep birds from pecking at your fruit

To see all the pictures from the tour, click here.