When you think of landscape design, you think about plants, right? Yes, that is a huge part of the process to creating a wonderful outdoor space but there is much more that goes into the profession.

A landscape designer as someone who mixes both the science of horticulture along with the creativity of design to create an outdoor space.

In my own work as a landscape planner I strive to create beautiful, functional, stress-free gardens with an environmental approach that works in harmony with nature. I can only get to this space by taking a holistic approach. By considering everything, the whole living environment (both inside and outside) as well as your lifestyle, designers can combine science, art and sustainability for a win-win result.

For example, here are some specialties that I include in my service offering:

  1. Using Local materials
  2. Site-appropriate gardens (California native and water saving Mediterranean plants)
  3. Rainwater harvesting and grey water advice
  4. Organic vegetable gardens and orchards
  5. Fragrant gardens
  6. Butterfly and bird gardens
  7. Permeable patios, walkways, decks
  8. Driveways
  9. Fences and gates
  10. Arbors and trellises
  11. Low voltage and LED lighting
  12. Outdoor kitchens
  13. Water features
  14. Awnings, sunrooms, shade solutions
  15. Greenhouses or potting benches
  16. Garbage and recycling areas, additional storage
  17. Meditation spaces
  18. Labyrinths
  19. Play areas for families with children
  20. Petscapes for dogs and cats
  21. Spas and pool/ pool removal
  22. Container gardens
  23. Retaining walls, seat walls
  24. Art and furniture

So the next time you think about landscape design, of course consider the plants but also think ‘Big Picture’.