Shade is an integral part of any landscape and gardens. It ranges from deep year round shade produced by double-story houses and large trees to partial shade based on the angle of sun as it changes throughout the day. Shade will also increase as trees mature, often impacting the under story plants that will have to adapt (or be replaced) due to lower levels of sun.
Most shade plants need some form of indirect or filtered sunlight to sustain their growth but may suffer sunburn in warm climate zones when exposed to intense summer sun and heat after months without such exposure.
This list has our bay area favorite plants with moderate to high adaptations of shade that fair well with low to regular moisture.

Dianella tasmanica – tasman flax lily
Carex morrowii ‘goldband’ – goldband variegated sedge
Liriope muscari – blue lily turf
Adiantum raddianum – maidenhair fern
Heuchera maxima – coral bells
Loropetalum chinense – fringe flower
Anemone sylvestris – Snowdrop Windflower
Woodwardia fimbriata – giant chain fern-  great for under redwood trees
Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Sikes Dwarf’- great for under redwood trees