Did you know that PG&E is required by law to prune and in some cases remove large trees that grow into or threaten electric lines? That’s why they recommend that if you are planning to plant under power lines that you pick a tree that will get no more than 25ft high at maturity.
Below is a list of trees that will not only look great but behave well under power lines:

 Common Name  Botanical Name  Comments
 Cherry, Kwanzan  Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’  Showy fragrant pink & rose flowers
 Crape Myrtle  Lagerstroemia indica  Long blooming period w/ attractive flower colors
 Guava, Pineapple  Feijoa sellowiana  Has edible flowers & fruit
 Lemon Tree  Citrus limon  Showy fragrant flowers & edible fruit
 Loquat, Bronze  Eriobotrya deflexa  Attracts birds & showy flowers
 Magnolia, Little Gem  Magnolia grandiflora x ‘little gem’  Showy fragrant white flowers
 Manzanita  Arctostaphylos manzanita  Native to California
 Maple, Japanese  Acer palmatum  Attractive foliage color
 Redbud, Eastern  Cercis canadensis  Showy pink flowers
 Smoke Tree, American  Cotinus obovatus  Attractive foliage color
 Tasmanian Tree Fern  Dicksonia antarctica  Unique accent plant
 Tea Tree  Leptospermum petersonii  Fragrant leaves
 Toyon  Heteromeles arbutifolia  Native to California

By selecting a small tree to place under power lines running through your yard, you reduce the risk of power outages which helps increase public safety.
For more info on tree placement near any PG&E utilities click here.