As growing vegetables and fruits is increasing in popularity amongst homeowners, nurseries have noticed this surge in what is now being called ‘urban agriculture’ and have responded by breeding new hybrids for edible enthusiasts. Here are some of our favorite Blueberry hybrids and tips for a more bountiful berry harvest:
Blueberries are known to produce bumper crops when they cross pollinate with each other. Cross pollinating is as simple as planting two types of blueberry plants within close proximity (3 feet max.) to one another. When cross pollinating, aim to use a 3:1 ratio of ‘host’ blueberry to ‘guest’ blueberry. Additionally, do not forget to pick plants that fruit at the same time so that a hefty yield will ensue. We suggest cross pollinating Monrovia’s new ‘Bountiful Blue’ as it is very prolific and ‘Sunshine Blue’ for its’ compact form.

Bountiful Blue Sunshine Blue