Since concrete cracks, more often we are removing it rather than installing it. However, when you pour concrete in place using individual forms, you not only get a very clean, modern look, you get a permeable patio or walkway with smaller surface area that tends to have fewer stress points and therefore minimal cracking. Since this is a custom approach you can choose concrete shapes that are modular like a grid or shapes that are more irregular.
The spaces between the concrete (called the joints) can be spaced out in any increments you’d like but we recommend 3-4 inch spacing. We typically fill the joints with a contrasting material like: gravel, decomposed granite, artificial turf or groundcover plants. You will be left with a clean and sleek looking pathway, patio, and you can choose to color or stain your concrete as desired.
Besides the cool look, the best part about using these poured in place slabs is that the individual sections can be easily replaced if the slabs were ever to crack or break.

Front Yard in Mountain View, CA