Just to recap the past 5 months in California 2022:
October brought flooding while November was unusually parched. December had record rainfall while January clocked in as the driest ever. And February was a combo or winter one week and summer the next seeing weekends reach 80 degrees!

Here’s another way to think about this: California gets most of its rain between November-March, with January and February typically being the rainiest. Since this has not happened, its safe to say that 2022 will be another drought year.

What are some ways homeowners can prepare for a hot dry year?

Patio with seating arrangements and fire feature

Yes, its helpful to remove high water lawns but its also helpful to keep areas cool and water free from the beginning.

To do this consider adding more hardscape to your backyard instead of thirsty planter beds and lawns. Hardscape is the bones of your yard giving you room for circulation, entertainment and leisure space.

To cool hot areas so that they don’t need water loving plants, add a shade structure or better yet, an outdoor room that will allow you to use the space rain or shine. A louvered pergola that is wall mounted to your home can also add passive solar shade to the inside of your house- reducing your cooling bills but still allowing light to enter.

Nothing can transform and define a space like our louvered pergolas. They provide shade and protection from the elements while also letting in light and fresh air — all on demand. Louvers and screens, as well as features like lighting are remote control giving you 100% control over your outdoor environment.

These and many more ideas are available to you. Let us give you a consultation to learn more ways to save water and use your space to the fullest.