Plant Broker Expert Shares Plant Buying Insights with Julie Orr Design


Embark on a green journey with Julie Orr Design as we dive into the intricate world of plant selection. In this Q&A session, we bring you insights from a Horticultural Specialist Plant Broker, unraveling the secrets behind choosing the perfect plants for your outdoor spaces. Let’s cultivate beauty and functionality together

What is a Plant Broker

A Horticultural Specialist Plant Broker plays a crucial role in sourcing and delivering a diverse array of plants from both Northern and Southern California nurseries. This invaluable service is for the professional trade only. By working with your designer/contractor team you not only saves time in plant r benefit from an extensive selection of plant species and varieties, ensuring a customized and stunning landscape that will be different from your neighbors.

What are the primary obstacles or challenges you encounter as a plant broker?

  • Variable quality
  • Lack of availability
  • Delayed deliveries from vendors
  • Production quantity

Can you elaborate on your approach to sourcing and selecting plants for our projects?

  • Dedicated team of full-time plant buyers
  •  Source from 200+ vendors
  •  Actively looking for new and improved products from new sources

How do you stay abreast of the latest industry advancements and trends in horticulture?

  • We participate in several industry activities like Lunch & Learn, Seminars and industry trade activities like CLCA, APLD, American Society of Landscape Architects, ASCA and ReScape California. We also stay on top of the latest industry newsletters.

How do you proactively address issues related to pests and diseases, ensuring the overall health and quality of the plants you provide?

  • We have full time certified professional plant care specialist on our team including certified arborists and certified pest management. We work actively with our County AG Department across the state weekly.

Can you highlight specific plant varieties known for their exceptional performance in water-scarce conditions?


Cultivate your new outdoor haven with the wholesale experience when you team with Julie Orr Design.  In collaboration with our experts, our team demystifies plant selection while offering valuable insights for creating beautiful, functional, and thriving outdoor spaces in Silicon Valley. Ready to turn your space into a green masterpiece? Click here for more information.
Thank you to wholesale nursery Devil Mountain for their interview and valuable information.