With all the news that might be stressful to you now, I want to focus on a few things that are extremely positive and ways you can uplift yourself and your surroundings. Being outside in nature is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves right now!


Therefore, I am giving complimentary 1-hour web meetings to local folks who would like to talk about ANYTHING in their landscape.


Here are some suggested topics:


  • Getting a professional’s opinion about space planning can do wonders to your existing yard. Spring is here, the weather is improving, and people are gravitating to outside activities that can enjoy safely. Click here to talk to Julie about ways to improve your home’s outdoor circulation and flow so that you can get the most from your space.
  • Outdoor rooms are seeing an increase now more than ever. Some families may have tight indoor quarters (or they are starting to feel tight due to home sheltering) and a nice outdoor space can provide a peaceful respite for mom, dad or the kids. Click here to talk to Julie about ways to create your own “room” with a pergola or other structure. Lights, speakers and heaters can easily be added to these spaces to make them useful year round.
  • Tired of homeschooling indoors? Spending quality time with your children in your backyard can be a chance to explore a new outdoor classroom. Click here to talk to Julie about ways to set up a pollinator garden (to attract and study butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects), worm composting bin or veggie/cut flower area.
  • Are you retired or a non-essential worker with extra time on your hands? Click here to talk to Julie about planting an edible garden and what plants do best in the bay area. This might spark a new gardening hobby and help you supplement some of your home food delivery needs.