Water features are a great element to have in your gardens as they can be visually pleasing, but they have other purposes too such as cancelling out noise from a neighbor’s pool equipment or air condition units, highway sound, or noise from public areas such as parks and schools. They also attract bird and butterflies looking for a place to drink, especially during the non-rainy months when clean water is harder to find. There are different types of water features so you’ll want to choose one that compliments your garden, desired sound effects, and maintenance goals.
Designer Tip: if you are looking for something on the louder side, remember that the taller the water drops, the larger the volume of falling water and what it drops into all have to be taken into consideration to product desired sounds effects.
Urn style fountains are great because the come in all shapes and sizes and can be placed almost anywhere in your yard; next to decks, patios, pathways. There are urn fountains for every style of garden from Mediterranean, to classical, to modern. Urn fountains give out a gentle ‘gurgling’ sound that is more for relaxing than drowning out loud neighboring noises.  They can be stand-alone focal pieces in patios and courtyards or accents pieces amongst  mass plantings. Prices start at $150 and up when you purchase a pre-plumbed urn, but if you fall in love with ceramic pot you can purchase a kit to convert it to an urn fountain.

Prefab fountains with prices starting at $500 and up, are quick and easy solution as many come with a pump and are ready to install. They range in styles from upright water walls, to modern ones with elevated basins. Sound effects vary per style. They are great accents when placed against a fence, wall, on pebbles or mixed with plants. Add a spot light to your prefab fountain and it becomes a great focal point at night.

Pondless water features are a good option for big sound with lower maintenance. The basin that holds and recirculates the water is covered with gravel or rock that allows water to pass through. This is great for child safety as there is no standing or risk of drowning. You can also integrate water friendly plants to increase the visual appeal. Underwater lighting looks striking when highlighting the cascades.  Prices start at $5000 and up, and you will love the natural look of a pond that needs minimal care.

If you like to think outside the box why not team up with your landscape designer and design a custom water feature. There are numerous materials and fabricators to help your idea come to realization. Use materials such as glass to create a cascading effect, concrete or stone for a modern or rustic look or tiles for a beautiful backdrop. Prices start at $5000 and up, and with custom there is no limit to the creative solutions.