Pergolas By Julie- The Origin Story

In the world of landscape design, each project holds a unique story, and today, I’d like to share a remarkable journey with you. It’s a story of discovery, transformation, and the profound impact of a simple addition on outdoor living. So, why pergolas? Let’s dive right in.

It all began with a client’s heartfelt confession about their reluctance to spend time outdoors due to skin cancer concerns. These worries were casting a shadow on their ability to fully enjoy their backyard. We set out on a mission to find a solution that would not only protect them from harmful UV rays but also elevate their outdoor living experience.

Our exploration took us through a variety of options, from shade sails to wooden arbors and even costly home roof additions. Each had its merits, yet none offered the comprehensive solution we sought. Then, we stumbled upon modern louvered pergolas – a revelation that would change everything.

What made these pergolas stand out was their ability to effectively shield against the sun’s harmful rays. But they offered more than that. With adjustable louvers, they could protect against rain, keeping you dry, and maintain a comfortable temperature during scorching heat. It was the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

As a landscape designer, I was delighted to find a pergola company that allowed for complete customization. From selecting the ideal size for the space to choosing from a wide range of finish colors and fabrics, the design possibilities were endless. We could even incorporate high-tech lights and heaters, transforming a simple pergola into a versatile outdoor sanctuary.

The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. With the installation of the louvered pergola, their backyard blossomed into an oasis of outdoor comfort. I’ll forever cherish the moment when my client, brimming with gratitude, exclaimed, ‘Julie, I’ve spent more time in my backyard in the last 6 months than I have in the last 16 years!’ It was my ‘Aha moment,’ a testament to how I, as a designer, could rekindle someone’s love for their outdoor space.

For my client, this transformation went beyond renovation; it was a lifestyle transformation. They evolved from rarely inviting friends over to becoming the neighborhood’s “BBQ King,” creating a perfect gathering spot for their teenagers and local kids. Witnessing this profound impact of a simple addition was heartwarming.

In conclusion, the story of pergolas isn’t about salesmanship; it’s about recognizing the potential of outdoor spaces. It’s about embracing nature’s beauty while reveling in the comfort of a well-designed environment. Pergolas, with their protective features and customization options, open the door to striking this balance.

So, why pergolas? They aren’t just structures; they are gateways to unlock the potential of your outdoor living space. They offer protection, personalization, and the promise of countless cherished moments under the open sky. If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space, consider the possibilities that a pergola can offer – a transformation that transcends aesthetics, enriching your outdoor lifestyle.

Watch the video below to see the entire backyard transformation!