The Ruth Bancroft Garden is a wonderful example of how one woman took a succulent and cactus collection and transformed it into bold compositions of colors, textures and patterns. Even if you think you don’t like these types of plants, this garden will change your mind. Seeing large masses of the same plant grouped together gives you a better understanding of the architectural and sculptural qualities of these beauties.  And when you see them in bloom, you won’t be able to resist!
This drought tolerant, water-wise garden features plants from desert and Mediterranean climates including: aloes, haworthias, gasterias, yuccas, euphorbias, cacti, echeverias, and agaves. The screening shrubs and trees include: pines, palo verde, palms, desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) and valley oak (Quercus lobata).
Once a year they have their ‘Sculpture in the Garden’ event in the summer. As you can see, the artwork looks right at home in this setting and for a price, can find a new placement in your garden.
A wonderful use of broken concrete called ‘urbanite’ is used for a retianing wall near the employee parking area.

The Ruth Bancroft Garden
1552 Bancroft Rd
Walnut Creek, CA