For various reasons throughout the cycle of your garden, you may find that your new plants simply are not thriving or that your older plants are looking tired. If the bones of your yard (the hardscape paths, patios and general places you walk on) look great, maybe you just need a plant makeover?
This client in Los Altos asked me to do just that. He had a terrific layout from a previous designer that looked good but the plants were suffering and never achieved their full potential even after the client waited 10 years for things to “fill-in.” I stepped in along with the guidance of a landscape contractor and we diagnosed several key issues. First there were plenty of drainage issues which were only exasperated by irrigation problems (too much water) and to add insult to injury, the client had too much maintenance to handle on his own, so we put him in touch with the right experts.
Here are some of the pictures of the finished results just shortly after the makeover.