The 6 California Native Sod products offered by Delta Bluegrass are a great choice for clients wanting to conserve water while saving time and money on maintenance.
Once established (2 years),  healthy turf can be achieved using 50% less water than traditional sod varieties. Native Bentgrass™ and Delta Grassland Mix™ are cultivated to become the first native lawns available that withstand mowing for urban landscape areas. But be aware, that you should wait about one year before beginning a regular mowing program this type of sod.
For bio-swales, roadsides, medians, irrigation canals, erosion control, and environmental mitigation areas, they have also developed our Native Mow Free™, Biofiltration Sod™, Delta Native Heartland Sod™ and Native Preservation Mix™.
If you are looking for a meadow effect at a good price point  and don’t feel like mowing but once or twice a year the Native Mow Free is a great choice. Although the initial installation comes with a higher upfront cost (about twice the cost of traditional sod), you can quickly recoup your investment on savings from not having to hire someone to mow your lawn regularly.