The Site

Just over 1000 sf. We kept the one existing Acer japonica, Japanese Maple and Lagerstroemia indica, Crape Myrtle since they provided good focal points and privacy. There was an small existing Connecticut Bluestone patio which we enlarged.

The People

Busy professionals who found out about Julie Orr Design through word of mouth.  Their desire was to create a fun and relaxing space for their family of four and to host small gatherings with friends. A kitchen to cook up food and a small refrigerator for drinks would be a good way for everyone to unwind while relaxing by the fire. These parents also imagined some alone after the kids went to bed soaking in the hot tub adjacent to their master bedroom.

The Style

The timeless accents of bluestone as the patio, Mt Moriah stone for the fire/kitchen and traditional evergreen plantings of Boxwood, Camellias, Roses, Hydrangea and Geranium create a classic look for this Craftsman inspired home.

The Plants

Anemone sylvestris Snowdrop Anemone
Buxus sempervirens English or Common Boxwood
Buxus sempervirens ‘Monrue’ Green Tower Boxwood
Clematis X jackmanii Jackman Purple Clematis
Ficus pumila Creeping Fig
Gardenia augusta Gardenia, Cape-Jasmine
Geranium pratense Meadow Cranesbill
Hydrangea macrophylla “Endless Summer’ Garden Hydrangea
Ligustrum japonicum ‘Texanum’ Topiary Wax Leaf Privet
Myrtus communis ‘Compacta’ Compact Myrtle
Pratia pedunculata Blue Star Creeper, Isotoma
Prunus laurocerasus ‘Otto Luyken’ Luykens Laurel
Rhamnus alaternus ‘Variegata’ Variegated Italian Buckthorn
Rosa  x White Out Knock Out Rose
Rosa Climbing ‘Sally Holmes’ Climbing Rose selection
The Budget

Just under $100k, not including hot tub, furniture, pots or decor