Most succulents are universally adapted to  mild climate zones where the sun and mild winter temperatures hardly ever damage their foliage. But for those of us who live in hotter inland communities or higher elevations, there are also  hardy succulents that can withstand those hot summer days and cold winter nights. Here are some of our favorite hardy succulents.

Aloe striata – Coral aloeThis attractive accent plant looks great in container pots and in mass plantings with its long pale green leaves with orange edges and clusters of coral flowers on branched panicles that reach up to two feet high. It can even tolerate cold down to 24⁰F!
Agave desertii – Desert agaveThis agave is a trooper! It can withstand some of the harshest climate conditions including heat, drought and cold to 10⁰F. It does not grow as large as other agave, staying in the 3-4ft range, but when it flowers you’ll see an amazing panicle with bright yellow flowers that can reach up to 10-15ft tall! It has stout blue-gray to pale green leaves with small teeth so it’s best used as an accent plant. Did we also mention that it’s a California Native!
Senecio mandraliscae – Kleina/Blue chalksticksThis sprawling succulent has bright bluish-gray leaves that are 3-4 inch long in the shape of a stick of chalk, hence the name, chalkstick . Often used as a groundcover this plant is also great in rock gardens and containers for their striking color and texture. It will tolerate heat in the summer and can survive cold to 20⁰F.
Echeveria ‘Afterglow’ – Afterglow hen and chicksOne of the most unique colored succulents Afterglow has bluish-purple leaves with red edges and bright red flowers on stalks. This succulent will definitively provide interest in your garden. It will tolerate cold to 28⁰F.
Hesperoyucca whipplei – Our Lord’s CandleThis California native is an all-round plant that grows in dry coastal communities to inland foothills. Very drought tolerant, can tolerate cold to 20⁰F this plant is a must have for any dry landscape as it is fairly easy to grow. Its gray-green leaves are very sharp so its best place away from circulation paths. It has hundreds of small white flowers that grow on 6-12ft tall spikes giving you a dramatic display!