Did you know that the phrase “Free Landscape Design” is searched over 12,000 times a month locally? Speaking as a landscape designer, just saying the word free when discussing our profession feels like a four letter word, since we make a living from our intellectual property, namely our designs.
Landscape designSo this brings me to the question, are homeowners really searching for a free landscape design plan or just ideas to inspire a plan before they hire a professional?
If you are searching for free ideas and images, then by all means get inspired on the web. There is a wealth of landscaping ideas including great pictures of: arbors, patios, fencing, decks, paving, ponds, water fountains, retaining walls, outdoor fire pits and more.
Of course, it goes without saying that nothing of quality really comes free when designing or installing your garden. You may be tempted by companies that claim they give a free landscape design when you hire them for the entire project. But remember, there are ways to bury the costs so that your design only appears free but you pay for it one way or another.
Speaking to those who enjoy do-it-yourself landscaping, how much would you pay to do the job well the first time? If you have ever planted the wrong plant in the wrong place, had to pay twice to have a landscape project completed correctly and are tired of throwing money down the drain, you are a good candidate for some help from a professional landscape designer.
No website can come to your home and analyze your sun, soil, wind, drainage and other site challenges. No website can take into consideration all users of the site and give you creative functional solutions. No website can really tell you the right plant for the right place in your garden, delivery it, lay it out and find a landscape contractor to plant it for you. No website cares about you enough to build a lasting relationship and to be available to you when you have questions or when issues arise.
I think you get the point. I have listed only a few reasons (click here to read more) homeowners hire landscape designers to get a finished result that they can be proud of and enjoy for many years. What is your reason?