In the state of California, landscape designers are not required to be licensed. Since designers are not providing construction drawings we don’t need a license in the way that landscape architects do. Landscape architects are licensed because they are telling you exactly how to build a structure or system.

According to the a landscape designer may assist with: preparing plans, drawings, and specifications for the selection, placement, or use of plants or drawings for the conceptual design and placement of tangible objects and landscape features for single family dwellings. A conceptual drawing may describe and locate all landscaping but it will never include working drawings.

For example, if your house fell down, you would call your architect. But if your arbor fell down, you would call your landscape contractor. Although the landscape designer provided the conceptual drawing (but no constructions drawings detailing how the arbor was to be built), it was the landscape contractor who built the arbor and is responsible for its structural integrity. Licensing = Liability

That is why I only recommend working with a professional, licensed contractor. The landscape contractors I recommend are not only licensed but insured, bonded and pay workman’s compensation.  Hiring a licensed contractor protects both the homeowner and the contractor under the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) laws and regulations. To check if your contractor is licensed click here.

What is the difference between the trades?

Landscape architects may do either commercial or residential work while landscape designers only work on residential projects.

Landscape architects or landscape contractors can prepare drainage plans, irrigation plans and construction documents. Most residential projects do not require these types of plans but should the need arise; Julie Orr Design can refer you to an expert.

Is Julie Orr Design insured?