Landscape lighting technology has gone through leaps and bounds to allow us to enjoy our gardens late into the evening.

A growing trend in landscape lighting is the use of dimmable lights. In the past you needed multiple transformers to light different zones of your garden because if you wanted to turn off one zone to light another for a certain event you would have to manually turn it off or on depending on the desired effect.
Today companies like FX Luminaire have created new transformers that allow you to set up to a hundred scenes and each scene can be dimmable! You will be able to light your front and backyards and anything in between with usually one transformer. Not only that, the LED technology that comes with this system is great because LEDs have the best energy efficiency (up to 70% reduction in energy use against the traditional incandescent bulbs).
These new zoning controls allow you to set lighting vignettes  for the desired luminosity and mood for all occasions. Depending on how you want your backyard to function, you could have the following themed vignettes ready to go at the push of a button: party lighting, tree lighting, art lighting, safety lighting…you get the idea. And since you have 100 scenes you could also have sub categories for your vignette like a party vignette that is less bright to set an intimate mood or one that is brighter for when it’s time to clean up.
Many will be pleased to hear that companies are in the development phase of creating apps for your smartphones and tablet computers to allow you to control your lighting system anytime and anywhere, without touching your transformer!