Colored Outdoor Lights By Julie Orr Design


Step into the realm of colored outdoor lights—an essential touch for elevating outdoor spaces. Just like choosing the perfect brushstroke, selecting the right lights is key to reflecting your style and desired atmosphere. This selection process crafts an outdoor haven that mirrors your personality, whether you prefer vibrant festivity or serene tranquility.

Creating Magical Ambiance with Colored Outdoor Lights

Bluetooth Mesh Connection
Vista Professional Lighting revolutionizes lighting with seamless wireless control and vibrant colors via Chroma Connect’s Bluetooth Mesh Network. It streamlines fixture communication, granting unmatched user control for easy customization of colors and brightness. Moreover, its wireless setup simplifies installation, offering flexible fixture placement and stable connections, transforming lighting experiences with unparalleled control, flexibility, and reliability.

Reduce Installation & Setup Time
The setup connection procedure is made simple and effective by the automatic communication between Chroma Connect light fixtures. After the lights are turned on, the first synchronized fixture on the property is connected to the other Chroma Connect enabled fixtures via the Bluetooth Mesh Network. Your system will be ready for use and further customization in a matter of minutes.

The Benefits of Working with Julie Orr Landscape Design

Julie Orr Design specializes in creating artful outdoor spaces by seamlessly integrating colored outdoor lights to transform ordinary areas into extraordinary realms. Our personalized approach ensures that we deeply understand your aspirations, crafting lighting solutions that perfectly match your unique taste and preferences. We prioritize unwavering quality, employing high-grade, energy-efficient fixtures and advanced technologies for enduring and sustainable designs that combine beauty, functionality, and personalized style in your outdoor space.


Colored outdoor lights serve as an indispensable tool in enhancing your outdoor space. Reflect on the key benefits they offer, from setting the mood to amplifying the beauty of your surroundings. Entrust your outdoor sanctuary to us for a transformative experience where colored outdoor lights harmonize with your surroundings, creating a captivating and personalized haven. Contact Julie Orr Design today to begin sculpting an outdoor masterpiece that resonates with your individual style and vision. Interested more on outdoor lighting? Click here to visit Vista Pro website.