Pavers can create a visually pleasing outdoor space. They come in an array of colors, but also in various sizes. This allows you to create different patterns that can either make a space look big or small, contemporary or traditional, dynamic or subtle.
While the pattern is usually the last decision you make in the process after selecting the manufacturer, style and color, it is still a very important decision. Here are some of our favorite looks using a random ashlar pattern:

Ashlar pattern driveway is subtle but beautiful
Ashlar pattern is dynamic when you set the pieces at a 45 degree angle. Don’t forget the bullnose edge for a clean and safe finish on all steps and landings.
Ashlar pattern can look more like real stone when using larger sized pieces.

If you are going to use pavers for your new hardscapes,  talk to your designer to find out all the different ways you can change the look by using texture, color, size and pattern.