If you have a cat and want it to experience the outdoors, but are afraid of it straying away or getting into a fight with other cats or wildlife (contracting FIV, Leukemia, Rabies or worse), then we recommend looking into cat enclosures and barriers. They keep your feline friends safe by allowing them to have ease of access in and out of your home while keeping unwanted guests out.
Cat enclosures are play areas made with either, redwood or cedar and galvanized wire to eliminate rust; they also come with adjustable shelves which allow cats to climb on to get a vantage point of their surroundings. These units are usually located next to windows or doors that allow them to venture out on their own without you being present or there are standalone models which can be placed in shaded areas. Both are great ways for you to be with them in the garden without having to mind them.
If you want your cat to experience your whole yard rather than a small portion of it, look into cat barriers. These are flexible nets that can be mounted onto existing fences ranging from 3ft and up. Cat barriers are generally angled at 45 degrees which deter them from jumping or climbing up a fence if they see the netting between them and their landing spot. At the same time a stray cat will not jump down from a top a fence if it can’t jump straight down for the least impact. You can even get these barriers for trees to prevent your cat from getting stuck in one!
So if you want your cat to experience your garden with you, definitively consider these options!
Here are some manufactures complied from the PAWS.org:

  • The Cat’s Den. www.thecatsden.net. Commercial kits for indoor and outdoor cat runs and enclosures.
  • My Pet Enclosures. http://www.mypetenclosures.com/. Provides custom and DIY kits for indoor and outdoor cat enclosures.
  • Purrfect Fence. www.PurrfectFence.com. Commercial kits and instructions for free-standing cat fence systems. Also offers professional installation in certain regions. And now offering “Cat-Proofer” system for converting existing fencing to make it escape-proof.
  • General Cage Corporation. A folding, portable, three-story pen available through mail order catalogs, or write manufacturer at 238 N 29th St, Elwood, IN, 46036.
  • C & D Pet Products. www.cdpets.com. Commercial kits and diagrams for enclosures available in various sizes and prices. Also offers kitten enclosures.
  • Safe Cat Outdoor Enclosure. www.just4cats.com. Detailed drawings and descriptions to create custom outdoor enclosures for cats and other small animals.
  • Kitty Walk System, Inc. www.kittywalksystems.com. Various commercial enclosures for cats and other small animals. Most enclosures are preassembled, portable.
  • Sears. Wire pet enclosures for approximately $49.99 – $69.99. Folding, portable pens, up to 24 inches high.
  • SunCATcher Enclosures. www.cagesbydesign.com. Free-standing outdoor cat enclosures for yard or patio.
  • CatsOnDeck. www.catsondeck.com. Modular indoor/outdoor cat enclosures. Expandable and portable for RV use.
  • Wild Whiskers. www.wildwhiskers.com. Portable, light-weight, non-permanent cat enclosures.