Who doesn’t want improved comfort in their home, a healthier living environment, and lower utility bills? As a sustainable landscape designer, I highly recommend this service as a starting point when you are ready to learn why your home gets too hot or too cold, why your utility bills are high, or what could be causing illness. Hiring an expert will also help you find ways remedy these issues and help you prioritize home improvement projects.

A energy audit is simple and easy. Most appointments are done in a few hours, complete with quick results and suggestions for repairs. Here are the steps to having your own home energy audit from the experts at Energy Beyond Design:

Gather Data

We learn about your home, including your concerns and goals, and details about its structure, systems and energy bills. During a 4-5 hour on-site analysis, our technicians use sophisticated equipment to measure the draftiness,  insulation, electricity, fossil fuel use, and other factors that influence your home’s performance. We gather all the data necessary to diagnose the precise causes of energy loss, health problems, and discomfort in your home.

Data Analysis

By analyzing the data  gathered on-site, we determine which repairs, upgrades, and other work will produce the best combination of comfort, air quality, energy efficiency, and affordability. We use computer modeling, extensive hands-on experience with Bay Area homes, and years of home performance training.

Action Plan

We will present you with an action plan including findings from the on-site analysis, and a prioritized series of  steps that you can take to remedy your home’s performance issues.  The action plan projects the changes in your home’s performance that will be accomplished if the suggested repairs, upgrades, and replacements are implemented.

Customized for You

The specific improvement options for your home are unique because every home is different. There may be several ways to accomplish similar performance goals, and we will discuss these with you to develop the best plan for your home. The finalized plan will be custom tailored to your schedule, budget and other considerations.

Conducting the Retrofit

By this point, we thoroughly understand your home and are ready to conduct a performance retrofit. We coordinate our expert retrofit teams to complete the upgrades on time and on budget. Typical retrofit work includes air infiltration sealing, insulation installation, duct system improvement, crawl-space vapor barriers, system tune-ups and replacements, window replacement, and solar. Performance testing is conducted during and following the retrofit to make sure our efforts are creating an efficient, healthy, and comfortable home.

To make an appointment or for more information please contact Energy Beyond Design at 1-866-455-4154.