Often times it is the design details that can transform a good garden into a “WOW, this looks amazing” garden. These days plant containers, like a great piece of outdoor art, are details you want to consider early on during the landscaping planning process.

Let’s face it, once filled with soil and plants these containers aren’t going anywhere. Also most of us will forget to water them unless they are connected to our irrigation system. If you plan container placement early on, you can anticipate their permanent residence in relation to the rest of your garden while simultaneously providing hidden drip irrigation lines.

With so many wonderful plant containers, urns and pots available for use in our gardens, decks and porches, how do you choose the best one? Too often we are tempted by looks alone. So here are my designer tips for choosing the perfect pot:

  1. Consider Scale
    1. Take a picture of the space you intend to place your containers and print it out on a 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper
    2. Bring a tape measure out to the space and think about the height and width of each container. If you already have some plants in mind for your containers, don’t forget to consider their full grown size too
    3. Sketch your ideas with pencil onto your print-out until you get the desired effect.
    4. Consider Theme
      1. Clay or Terra cotta come in both glazed and unglazed
      2. Stone or Concrete
      3. Wood
      4. Metal
      5. Synthetics- Resin or Fiberglass

*The type of container should directly relate to the both your taste as well as the type of planting materials you desire. Talk to your plant designer about drainage, porosity, and heat retention as it relates to your plants needs

  1. Consider Colors, Texture and Quantity
    1. Choose a jumping off point. It could be the color of a front door or furniture, the color that is most predominate in the landscape or your favorite accent color
    2. Once you find your inspirational starting point, you can easily add others into the mix. If you are at a pottery shop, get some help moving your pots next to one another and create a mock-up of your new plant container garden on the spot using your print-out that you drew earlier for guidance
    3. Odd numbers always look better than even quantities. Group your containers in 3’s, 5’s, 7’s…you get the picture!

Lastly, when in doubt, ask for professional assistance. I am available for treasure shopping trips to local pottery shops and nurseries to assist you with not only the perfect pots but also the right plants and soil amendments.