Enhance Curb Appeal and Hire a Designer before you Sell

Curb appeal holds the key to leaving a lasting impression, especially when it comes to selling a property. Landscaping plays a pivotal role in elevating a home’s allure. Strategic plant selection and well-designed outdoor spaces can significantly enhance the overall value and attractiveness of a property, as showcased in our recent project.

The Atherton Project: The Location
The primary objective of the project was to craft an idyllic outdoor sanctuary for the client, providing an exquisite setting for their semi-retirement years before transitioning to a smaller home post-retirement. Seeking assistance from Julie Orr Design, the client aimed to revamp both the backyard and front yard by focusing on hardscape and plant arrangements. Although the existing ranch house boasted classic architectural elements on a sizable corner lot, the client desired a more contemporary and water-efficient landscape. Departing from the conventional Atherton aesthetic characterized by English laurel hedges and expansive lawns, the client envisioned a shift towards a natural ambiance. Embracing a nod to the client’s English country upbringing, the design incorporated vintage art, rose garden, and innovative utilization of landscape ties to manifest a distinctive and evocative environment.

Below are images of the home before the landscape transformation. 

The Role of Plant Selection in Curb Appeal Enhancement
In the backyard, we cultivated an oak woodland ambiance with native ferns, Heuchera sp., and Dicksonia antarctica, guiding a picturesque path to the swimming pool. A playful blend of meadow-like plantings led to an enchanting English rose garden. For the front yard, plants were selected for low water use. Atherton is known as California most heavy water consumption residential area per capita. Since this was a corner lot, low maintenance and low water bunch grasses and low-mow sod were used as groundcover to save on high water bills.

The Budget
With a budget of $80,000 for a landscape makeover, the property more than paid back this ROI and reached a remarkable sale at $5.3 million.

Thoughtfully curated hardscape elements and chosen flora create captivating outdoor havens, reflecting the region's essence. At Julie Orr Landscape Design, our blend of creativity, local insight, and collaborative design ensures exceptional outcomes. Envision your unique outdoor sanctuary, drawing inspiration from our case studies. Interested on how you maximize the value of your home with an outdoor space? Click here to read our blog about Maximizing ROI: How Louvered Pergolas Increase Property Value. Take the first step in transforming your landscape—reach out for consultations or explore our case studies. Your dream outdoor space awaits; let's make it a reality together.