You don’t need to go into the red to “green” your home. As the sustainability movement goes mainstream, new materials and techniques allow you to build, remodel, redecorate or landscape without paying a premium. You can keep the green in your wallet while living in beautiful, environmentally-friendly surroundings if you know what to do.
Expertise is the key to saving you time, money and frustration. So, come meet the Green Dream Team, a group of experts that will provide you with tips on how to go green without blowing your budget. You will learn how the typical home owner can get the most for their money:

  • What changes most improve the energy efficiency of your home? How do you spot the biggest energy leaks in your house–and fix them?
  • What makes sense to do now, and what can wait for later?
  • What single thing can you do that will pay you back in just one year and only costs about $100?
  • What common problem is probably creating a health hazard in your home right now–and can be fixed without breaking the bank?
  • What common pitfalls happen when people “save money” on their green remodels?

Did you know that deconstruction can save you thousands of dollars over demolishing older parts of your home? Did you know that some environmentally sound materials are made locally? Do you know what the current trends in green building are?
Building green is going mainstream. You no longer have to pay a premium for green if you work with companies that know the inside story and can take advantage of techniques and materials that are no longer experimental.
The Green Dream Team members scheduled include:

  • Susan Davis of Spectrum Fine Homes (design+build, construction, interior design) and GreenPoint Coach (sustainability consulting)
  • Lorna Fear of Visual Cue Thermal Imaging (home energy savings)
  • Suzanne Emerson of Emerson Environmental (home performance audits)
  • Ted Reiff of The Reuse People (deconstruction)
  • Davide Giannella of Acadia-Architecture (sustainable architect)
  • Julie Orr of Julie Orr Design (sustainable landscape designer). Julie will be discussing easy ways to create a smart, beautiful and affordable landscape with
  • Bryant & Deb Busalacchi of Signature Floors Hardwood Flooring
  • Shone Freeman of S.R. Freeman (framing contractors)
  • Evan Ellithorpe of Young Professionals (painting contractors)
  • Bobbie & Dennis Everett of The Wood Connection (locally made custom cabinets)

A green home is the ideal place because:

  • Green homes sell faster and command higher prices than traditional homes.
  • Green homes place less stress on the environment.
  • Green homes are healthier and more comfortable for the people that live in them.
  • Green homes cost less to operate.
  • Green homes are more inviting spaces to entertain in.

For all these reasons and more, you will want to learn the most effective ways to build and operate a sustainable, energy-efficient place to live. If you missed the first event, stayed tuned for future free lectures.
This meeting is sponsored by Green Making, the local website for building green homes.