What does a thoughtful landscape design plan cost?

Each project is different. Although we aim to provide you with the highest value and keep prices low, it may require more than one appointment to meet your desired goals. Larger and more complicated projects will require several meetings. We provide flat rates and a pay-as-you-go system. Just ask for a design quote!

What does it cost to install a typical landscape in the Bay Area?

Landscaping doesn't have to cost a lot! You should treat your landscape installation as you would any other house-remodeling project. You are essentially building several “outdoor rooms”, so your backyard remodel could cost the same or more than your interior remodel. As a landscape design studio, it’s our job to help you navigate through all of your choices and find the ones that make the most sense for you and your wallet.

Hardscape and plants

The typical installed budget range for new hardscape, fresh plants and quality irrigation in front yards is $30,000-50,000 and for backyards is $40,000-90,000 and up. These ranges can fluctuate depending on project size, materials and landscape amenities (like outdoor kitchens).

Custom outdoor amenities

Outdoor kitchens can average $20,000-35,000, gas fire pits average $5,000-10,000 and custom water features can start at $5000 and up.

It’s important to decide up front if you have a set budget range to do the install all at once, or if you are willing to take a phased approach that may cost more and take longer but will allow you meet all of your goals without compromise.