Here  is the garden before we got started.

Since it is on a corner lot, the side yard was greatly underutilized. The years of mature plantings both from the neighbors and their own trees meant that the backyard was too shady for a typical lawn.

The clients desired a sunny space to grow fruit and vegetables in the side yard and a relaxing, private space for the hot tub, the dog run and a swing glider in the back.

We had two Express Garden appointments, one to layout the new garden and make decisions about new hardscape material and one visit to decide on the plants. Click here to see their plan.

After the plan was in place, the clients choose to have me see their project through the installation, making suggestions along the way, laying out the plants and answering questions as they came up.

Here’s a picture of the backyard soon after project completion. You’ll notice that the client’s have a great new area to relax (and swing) and the dog has a shady realistic lawn area to sleep.

After one week, this is what the client’s had to say,”The yard even in the early stages looks beautiful, I just love it, and so appreciate your help. Thanks Julie!”