Are you considering adding an outdoor room to your backyard? With all the products on the market, it’s no wonder consumers are confused about their choices.

Welcome to the pergola demo garden in Scotts Valley CA (between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz), where we provide information to help make this process easier for the homeowner. Not only will you be able to see, touch and experience the pergola up close, but we can answer all your questions regarding installation, cost and timing. By appointment only, please email to schedule a visit.

A louvered pergola is the ultimate solution if you wish to enjoy the outdoors year-round. Built to your desired size, either attached to the house or freestanding, you determine the functionality of your space with the touch of a remote. The remote controls your louvers, screens and lights.

louvered pergola


By opening or closing the louvered roof, you control how much or how little sun you wish to receive. The quiet motors rotate to your specification. You can also keep the louvers closed during rain and enjoy a water free experience underneath your pergola thanks to the integrated gutter system that diverts the rain down through your posts and into a nearby planter bed, lawn or catch basin.


Zip screen can be added to protect against wind, sun or rain and to keep insects at bay. Additionally, if you choose to add heaters, once the screens are closed, they trap heat in keeping you warmer for longer. Different screen thicknesses help you decide the amount of transparency you desire. And there are many colors to choice from.


There are numerous possibilities for functional and/or mood lighting. For example, dimmable LED lighting in the louvers (white or RGB color), LED spots that are direct or indirect (faced up or down) and LED lighting on the gutters, also known as perimeter lighting.


Outdoor electric heaters are a wonderful way to extend the enjoyment of your outdoor experience. Each unit typically heats a 10’x10’ area and is easy to operate with a switch. Since your new pergola is made from metal, there are no combustible materials that make contact with the heat. Some homeowners even enjoy adding their own gas/propane fire pits underneath their pergolas for an alternative heat source.

Garden Accessories

While you are at the showroom, please feel free to test out the 160,000 BTU fire pit and 99,000 BTU kitchen grill.

There’s also a 4-seater 8’x’8’ hot tub and small artificial turf area if you have questions about functionality and feel.

The cat will demo himself, unless you are allergic and then he can remain inside.