One of the reasons bocce ball courts have become so popular in California has to do with our love of wine and all things Mediterranean. Let’s face it; bocce is one of the few sports that can be played while holding a glass a wine without spilling a drop.
If you are not a wine enthusiast, that’s ok too, because bocce ball is just plain fun. At half the size of tennis court and about a third of the cost, bocce is a great way to spend time outside with family and friends.
The components to building a court are quite simple, but the installation takes experience and knowledge from a licensed landscape contractor. Let’s review what’s involved:

  1. You need a perimeter railing. There are many options from pressure treated wood, fiber board (like Trex or Timber Tech), concrete or dimensional stone.
  2. Trenching with a Bobcat to remove soil provides the foundation of your court
  3. Adding drainage can be tricky depending on your site.  Call a licensed contractor to design a drainage system that will meet your site requirements.
  4. Weed fabric, base rock with small fines and a compacted playing surface add the finishing touch. Crushed oyster shells are traditional for the top layer but short lived. For a longer lasting material try clay stone dust or oyster shell powder.
  5. Add soft plantings and ample seating around your court for a relaxed, inviting feel.